This Photo Of A Girl Who Fell Into A Music Festival Porta Potty Will Make You Afraid Of Music Festivals

The photo you see above is not — and let me mention here that I’m not typically one for hyperbole — the worst photo ever. It’s positively delightful compared to what awaits after the jump.

No, what you’re about to see is, according to TFM, “Some girl [who] tried to puke in a public toilet during a big festival, [and] she fell in and got covered in…” I’m leaving out the final word of the description, as if you don’t know what it’s going to be.

One more chance to spare yourself from what I’m calling “Porta Ploppy.” OK, here we go. ENJOY.

I’m never going to a music festival ever again.

(Lead pic via Getty Image) (World’s worst pic via Be The Rave)