Watch Jimmy Fallon And Fred Armisen Transform Into The Beatles On ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon had new Late Night bandleader Fred Armisen on The Tonight Show earlier. Before sitting down to chat about Armisen’s new gig, the two traveled back in time to explore just how ahead of the curve The Beatles were during their legendary appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.

There is clearly a reason why Beatle-mania was such a force back in the day. The social media presence alone would be enough to fool young girls into talking their parents into buying their albums. And then it’d be much easier to get them hooked on dope.

Whoops, sorry about that. I just channeled Abe Simpson for a second and things went black. Some highlights here include Ringo’s egg’s benedict and Paul’s insistence that John plug the live tweet at the MTV Video Music Awards.

And then in my dreams, a bomb goes off at the Red Bull soundstage. Before The Beatles arrive of course. The bomb will be nothing but a test of Kurt Loder’s power, allowing me to take his quickening and win “the game.”

(Via Tonight Show)