Tupac’s Handwritten Song Lyrics Are Up For Auction But Only If You Have Very Deep Pockets

Tupac Shakur
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Tupac Shakur

September 13 will be here before you know it, which means the 20th anniversary of Tupac’s death is nipping at our heels. No doubt there will be dozens of ways fans pay their respects to the legend and if you’ve got $40,000 just lying around collecting dust, you can honor the man by purchasing his lyrics for “Catchin’ Feelings.” No, that $40K is not a typo.

Pac’s handwritten lyrics being auctioned is nothing new but that’s quite the price tag for anything, much less lyrics scribbled on a piece of paper. However, it’s Tupac, so the auction house charging this much money for them is at least somewhat understandable. TMZ reports that Moments In Time got a hold of the lyrics from a former Death Row employee who’d kept them under lock and key since ’96.

This is actually a great look. Pac is not just one of the greatest to touch a mic, but one of the foremost writers of his generation. Archiving his work, whether it’s love letters or lyrics, is important in understanding who he was as a person and who we were as a people during that time. Hip-hop has changed a lot in 20 years but his spirit and work have outlived a lot of careers.

Oddly enough, it’s not the lyrics to songs that are the most priciest items the auction house is offering. For a handsome $225,000, you too can be the owner of a handwritten letter he sent to a Death Row magazine editor while he was in prison.

Let’s put this in perspective: The price of a letter from Pac costs about as much as a house. It ain’t tricking if you got it though, right?

There’s sure to be more Pac artifacts up for auction this year so if you have the means, stay tuned.

(Via Complex)