Premiere: U.G. Of ’90s Duo Cella Dwellas Creates His Own ‘Mystic’ Realm With New Solo Album

Brooklyn rap group The Cella Dwellas made a lasting impact in the New York underground hip-hop scene with their 1996 debut Realms ‘n Reality with its standout single “Land of the Lost.” Now U.G., one-half of the rapping duo, is finally setting out on his own with the long-delayed Portals. The Brooklyn rapper has begun the promotion process with the release of the first single from the album, “The Mystic.”

U.G. skillfully takes on the eerie, yet neck-snapping IDE-produced beat with precise rhymes and boastful, battle-ready lyrics proclaiming his “sh*t sound like nothin’ else you ever heard.”

“I bang my chest like a bongo, Congo
Push rocks like Rondo, arms throw, combos
F*ck up your whole ensemble
Bombs blow, arms go
Airborn, rare form
I’m in such in a zone, sitting throne
Bend bones, cause pain, fracture
Bitch bad like Cleopatra”

Portals is due for release October 21 via Creative Juice Music and can be pre-ordered on iTunes. Stream “The Mystic” and check out our short Q&A with U.G. below.

RealTalk: What inspired the track, “The Mystic”?

U.G.: It was just the feeling when the beat came on. IDE named the song, “The Mystic,” and it was fitting. The vibe in the studio was mystical at the time, too. That beat dropped and the rhymes just started spilling out.

RT: Why did you choose this particular beat?

U.G.: It just had that knock to it. I heard the elements in the track and was like, “Let me get at that one right there.” As soon as I heard it, the verses started flying: “I bang my chest like a bongo, Congo, push rocks like Rondo, arms throw, combos.”

RT: What do you hope listeners take away from the track/project?

U.G.: I hope they appreciate the lyrics and wordplay on this track. We are bringing the art of rhyming back along with dope production. Hip-hop is alive and well.

RT: What can we expect from the full-length Portals project?

U.G.: Expect to go on a journey. That is the best way to describe it. I make visual music so get ready for the ride. Beats, rhymes, and flows.