Val Kilmer Destroyed An Amp With A Chainsaw, Shouted 'Rock And Roll Is Dead' During Black Lips Concert

A few weeks ago, during Austin City Limits, Rooney Mara fake-played a guitar during the Black Lips set, as part of Terrence Malick’s still-untitled next film, while walking inspirational quote Ryan Gosling looked on from off-stage. Last night, the cameras were rolling during the Black Lips set again at Fun Fun Fun Fest, though with no Mara or Baby Goose (or Natalie Portman wearing a cut-off shirt) in sight; instead, it was Val Kilmer who joined the Atlanta-based band, and he did his insane Val Kilmer thing. According to Consequence of Sound:

Kilmer appeared on stage with the Lips for over 30 minutes as he smashed a guitar, destroyed an amp with a prop chainsaw, and even cut off his own hair with a large knife. He also shouted out phrases like “Autograph the epitaph!” and “Rock and roll is dead!” while the Lips blazed through their own songs. Check out a two-minute clip of the action below. (Via)

When asked about what was going through his mind while cameras were filming, Vilmer responded, “Cameras?”

(Via Consequence of Sound)