Vic Mensa Shares His Priceless Misunderstanding Of The Spice Girls’ Most Famous Lyric

Last Friday, Vic Mensa released his highly anticipated studio album The Autobiography. The fifteen track album expresses Mensa’s wins and losses throughout his time in the industry. Mensa raps and sings his pains in this Jay-Z cosigned album, which features an array of artists from Chief Keef, Syd, Pharrell and The Dream. With the release of his album Vic was featured on Pitchfork’s Over / Under series where he gave us the shocking truth about Cinnabon, and shares how he misheard an extremely famous lyric from the Spice Girls.

Mensa was given topics to judge if they were overrated or underrated. As expected, Vic finds most things overrated except mediation, country singer Garth Brooks — who has a swag that Vic could “appropriate” — and Six Flags. He says Six Flags is a legendary place because you can find all different types of Jordan sneakers, he calls is a “sneaker trade show.” Some of the things Vic finds overrated are caviar, Spice Girls, Rodeo Drive, Tupac’s letter to Madonna, Hugh Hefner and Cinnabon. But it’s in his description of the Spice Girls that the gem of this interview exists.

“Overrated,” Mensa says without even a pause. “They would’ve been underrated if they meant what I thought they meant, when they said ‘If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my fiends.’ I always thought that meant that you could fuck their friends if you fuck one of them. But that’s not what they meant.”

He delivers the line with a straight face, but honestly, it’s a pretty priceless misreading of the intent behind that lyric. Watch the full interview above.