Vince Staples Says Being Hospitalized After A Serious Car Crash Recently Put Life Into Perspective

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The latest news from Vince Staples is that he was a highlight of the Governors Ball fest last weekend, but there was apparently something else much more significant that happened to him recently. Last night, Staples took to Twitter and revealed that he was recently in a serious car crash that landed him in the hospital.

There were no media reports of Staples being involved in any sort of accident, but he said the crash happened “the other day.” Staples wrote in a series of tweets, “I brashed my car the other day and when I was in the hospital finna die I was like damn cuh I almost got outta here without a edge up. Really put life into perspective for me. But real sh*t make sure wearing a seatbelt at all times them sh*ts work and stay off the 10 East it’s some wild cowboys on there. Anyway long story short if you see me in traffic I might ce nice to you now so cless up.”

He then reflected on some other major life experiences that happened to him recently, writing, “Everybody going through sh*t in lie but we should all be grateful and be positive. My grandma, Mac, Johnny and Pooter died like a few months a part of that and it took me over 6 months to realize the show don’t stop. Love y’all if you love me back.”

In more positive news, Staples was one of many cameos in Lil Nas X’s star-studded “Old Town Road” video.