Vince Staples Partners With Levi’s To Launch A Music Technology Program For Kids In His Neighborhood

Vince Staples wants to save the youth. It’s been a consistent message in both his music and interviews which is now being backed up with the “Levi’s Music Project.” Levi’s and Vince got together to build a music technology program at the local YMCA in Long Beach, California. The above video captures the launch of the program which features Vince and producer No ID hosting a workshop to introduce the kids to songwriting.

Of course, the Long Beach rapper wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t find a way to show off his trademark humor and his first highlight comes very early in the ad. Staples, while extolling the virtues of great songwriting, picks “Happy Birthday” as an example of the importance of keeping it straightforward when making a song. “The hardest thing to make is a simple song,” Vince tells the students. “To keep something simple and still evoke emotion from somebody is the most difficult thing you can do. Everybody knows the words to ‘Happy Birthday’ that’s why that sh*t is the hardest song of all-time.”

Staples also wants kids to know that being a music superstar isn’t the only way to be part of the business. “Kids are feeling like, if they’re not a superstar then they’re not worth anything. Being an engineer, working in music through the legal department or a financing aspect. I think the Levi’s music program can teach the kids about the other aspects of music.”

The Levi’s Music Project follows up the Youth Initiative Staples launched back in June. The initiative was a “program will give young men and women from the area training and education in 3D printing, film making, graphic design, music production, and product design.”

His newest EP, Prima Donna, is available now which also includes a ten-minute short film directed by Nabil.