‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Celebrated His Grammy Win With An ‘Unboxing’ Video

Among all the positives about “Weird Al” Yankovic, like his incredible sense of humor or his longevity in the music business, perhaps best of all is his graciousness. Just one example is when, after 35 years in music, he received his first No. 1 album and was touched so much, he shed an actual tear on live TV. So, when he releases something goofy like an “unboxing” for his 2015 Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album, it comes off as actually funny and not smarmy.

Per custom of every unboxing video, “Weird Al” describes every minute detail of the item and its box down to the atom while using a hushed voice, of course. However, instead of the latest phone or gadget someone wasted chunks of their life waiting for, Al actually unboxed something he earned. Even if it is a Grammy. Congrats, Al!