The White Stripes’ ‘Icky Trump’ Shirts Continue Their Crusade Against The Donald

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Donald Trump‘s campaign has forced a lot of formerly non-political entities to speak out. The Atlantic wrote its third presidential endorsement in 150 years, USA Today picked sides for the first time ever and now The White Stripes have reunited just to tell the Republican presidential nominee to go screw. The group is selling “ Icky Trump” t-shirts — a play on their 2007 song “Icky Thump” — so that fans can hate Donald Trump right along with them.

The front of the tee says “Icky Trump” in white on a red background (this is still the White Stripes, after all) and the back features lyrics from the song that are eerily fitting for our current political moment.

“White Americans? What?
Nothing better to do?
Why don’t you kick yourself out?
You’re an immigrant too.
Who’s using who?
What should we do?
Well, you can’t be a pimp
And a prostitute too.”

As far as anti-Trump band shirts go, I still have to rank it just a bit below the gruesome one made by Municipal Waste.

It’s not the first time that the band have spoken out against the candidate. After Trump used their song “Seven Nation Army” in a campaign video, the group called him out in a post to Facebook.

“Regarding the use of ‘Seven Nation Army’ in a Donald Trump campaign video, The White Stripes would like to unequivocally state that they have nothing whatsoever to do with this video,” they wrote. “They are disgusted by this association, and by the illegal use of their song.”

If Jack and Meg want to complain about Trump using their song illegally, they might need to get in line.

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