Concert Goers Are Suing Wiz Khalifa And Snoop Dogg After Railing Collapse Injures At Least 40

Snoop and Wiz Concert
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Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa will have to lawyer up as concertgoers are suing them for the railing collapse at their concert earlier this month. The total number of people involved in the suit right now are 17, though at least 40 people were injured when the pair performed at the BB&T Pavilion on August 6th.

The lawsuit alleges Wiz and Snoop are to blame because shortly before the railing gave way both rappers invited everyone to “bring your ass down here.” One person in the suit is alleging that they sustained a spinal fracture after the railing shattered into pieces. The plaintiffs in the case argue that had it not been for that invite, and the subsequent stampede, the railing would’ve never been demolished.

Snoop and Wiz aren’t the only ones under fire, however — Live Nation is also listed as a defendant in the case. Three of the plaintiffs, who are also employees for BB&T, said the Live Nation-owned venue made shoddy repairs on the railing a year ago, thereby making them just as responsible for the damage.

Back on August 8th, videos of the collapse spread like wildfire across social media. The concert ended immediately and Wiz and Snoop were whiskey away to a safer area. But they might not be out of the woods yet.

(via TMZ)