Would You Pay $2.99 To Watch Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday?’

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06.14.11 2 Comments

More operative question: would anybody pay $2.99 to watch Rebecca Black’s “Friday”?  The video has over three million dislikes, and who’s going to pay three bucks for a hate watch? And yet Ark Music Factory put on their Bad Idea Jeans and attempted to charge $2.99 for 72 hours of play of the video yesterday (screenshot as proof after the jump).  They seem to have come to their senses, as the video is now free again, God help us all.  There’s now a long ad before the video and comments are disabled, but you can watch the video without getting out your wallet.  Thus ends our long national nightmare.
On the other hand, the video has over 165 million views (Jeeeesus), so some sucker probably was willing to shell out three bones for 72 hours of play while the song was for rent yesterday.  Truck nutz exist, so clearly stupid things can sell.  Here’s hoping we never have to meet the people who are buying them.
In lieu of embedding the song below (because it’s terrible), here are some of our favorite “Friday” memes instead.  Which slide should I click?

This one’s not a meme, just a horrible idea.

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