The Tables Have Turned After XXXTentacion Punched A Fan In The Face At One Of His Shows

Apparently, whenever XXXTentacion has a show, madness is sure to ensue. Whether he’s getting tossed into a barrier — hilariously so — or getting slugged by a fan or friend of his enemy, climbing up a balcony or who knows what else something insane is going on. Now, TentWhateverHisNameIs is upping the ante, and this time he’s taking the fight to the crowd, literally.

XXX decided to waltz through the crowd during his show in Salt Lake City, but with one warning, “If anyone grabs me I will punch them in the f*cking face,” he announced before making his way into the crowd. It’s probably smart after he was attacked a few weeks ago, and one fan decided not to listen to the warning and paid the price. After grabbing XXX, he was promptly punched right in the face, leaving the fan astonished and XXX angry.

Last time a brawl broke out at his show, and he was the victim, a teenager was stabbed outside the show afterward. Tentacion didn’t feel any remorse for the stabbing and made it to his next show with no issues. Now, depending on where you stand with all the silliness, his shows are either must attend extravaganzas or foolishness that will be avoided at all costs. Fans at Travis Scott shows may be breaking their legs jumping off balconies, but XXX might have him beat now that he’s punching his fans in the face.