Young Thug’s Felony Gun Possession Case Was Dropped Due To Lack Of Evidence

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Young Thug had a worse birthday than most last year. The “Relationship” rapper was hosting a party at a Dave & Buster’s last August in celebration of his 27th birthday and the release of his record Slime Language when police escorted him out of the building in handcuffs. Young Thug was charged with concealing a weapon in a vehicle, which constitutes a felony.

The District Attorney’s office recently dropped the charge, as reported by TMZ, due to “insufficient evidence.” The whole incident began when a Rolls-Royce that YT had been riding in was rear-ended by a police car, sparking a police search of the vehicle. Police obtained a concealed weapon, but because three people were riding in the car, they were not able to determine the owner of the weapon. The gun showed no trace of YT’s DNA, leading to the D.A.’s dismissal of the case.

Young Thug’s attorney, Michael Goldstein, told TMZ he appreciated those involved in the case. “I commend the District Attorney’s Office for making the right decision after carefully reviewing the facts and body worn video over the past 9 months. The fact so much time and work went into this decision reinforces trust in our system of justice.”

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