Al Gore On Trump’s Decision To Leave The Paris Accord: ‘I Thought He Might Come To His Senses, But I Was Wrong’

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08.05.17 4 Comments

Former Vice President and late night comedy Lothario Al Gore visited Real Talk with Bill Maher on Friday and naturally there was a fair bit of environmental talk from the Inconvenient Sequel star.

Speaking with Maher, Gore conceded he was wrong about Donald Trump. Namely, he was wrong about believing President Trump would reverse his thinking on U.S. policy on climate change. He shared that he thought Trump would “come to his senses” regarding the highly controversial decision to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement. “But I was wrong,” admits the ex-VP. Still, he did see some good come from the reaction to America exiting the accord.

“When he made his speech pulling out of Paris, I really was concerned that some other countries might use that as an excuse to pull out themselves,”explained Gore. “But the very next day, the entire rest of the world redoubled their commitment to the Paris agreement, as if to say, ‘We’ll show you, Mr. Trump.’”

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