Leah Remini And Bill Maher Agree That Tom Cruise Has The Power To Put An End To Scientology

Last night’s edition of Real Time with Bill Maher was every bit the program you imagined it was with professional provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos appearing on the program. Nestled into the show’s collection of events that included Milo in baiting mode, Larry Wilmore telling the man to “f*ck off” and Real Time‘s host getting relatively chummy with is controversial guest. Between the talking points and thinkpieces tumbling out of Friday’s show, there was also something that shouldn’t go under the radar.

Leah Remini appeared on Real Time to discuss the subject of Scientology with Maher and their chat included a touch of Tom Cruise talk. Remini has made waves courtesy of her very public departure from the Church of Scientology, complete with an A&E series tackling issues with the organization/Masterson warehouse. Sitting down with Maher, the two discussed the “self-brainwashing” that she saw as a member and the impact the mighty Tom Cruise actually has with Scientologists. The host had loads of praise for the former King of Queens star.

“When the history of Scientology is finally written, it will show that fate chose you to come on in Act Five,” shared the HBO host. “You’re like Reagan and ‘tear down that wall.’”

Remini and Maher discussed the massive influence of Cruise in the organization with Maher suggesting that “(Cruise) could end this single-handedly.” It’s a scenario that the actress sees as a definite possibility.

“Yes, because he is single-handedly clearing the planet, most Scientologists believe…” began Remini.

“Clearing the planet? He couldn’t even make Jack Reacher a hit,” countered Maher.

No need for just the bullet points, of course. The full interview is nestled above.

(Via Deadline)