Bill O’Reilly Tries To Talk Donald Trump Off The Debate Ledge In A Confrontational Interview

Film/TV Editor
01.28.16 8 Comments

The last time we spoke of Bill O’Reilly, the Fox News anchor was promising threatening to move to Ireland if Bernie Sanders became president. O’Reilly obviously wants a GOP president, and it’s also in his best professional interest to talk Donald Trump into doing Thursday evening’s Fox News GOP Debate. We already saw Michael Moore and Megyn Kelly chuckling over Trump’s evident fear, and now O’Reilly is trying to bring “peace” to the situation.

The relationship between Trump and O’Reilly has taken an odd turn during this presidential race. Crotchety O’Reilly previously told Trump his insults against Kelly have gone too far, but Trump didn’t see the problem. O’Reilly also tried to counsel Trump over ISIS refugees, and still, no budging occurred. So, O’Reilly has circled back to the timely topic of Megyn Kelly, and it’s a marvel to see O’Reilly — who many consider abrasive — encourage Trump to soften up.

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