One Of The Chicago Aviation Officers Who Violently Removed A United Passenger Has Been Placed On Leave

04.10.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

Several new developments have followed the release of shocking video footage that showed Chicago Aviation Department officers forcibly ejecting a doctor from an overbooked United Airlines flight. In the above video, at least one officer is shown violently pulling the still-unidentified passenger from his seat. His body hit the ground from the sheer force of being yanked in such a manner, and then he’s dragged down the aisle while other travelers protest. The man was later revealed as bloodied from his ordeal.

CBS News now reports that one officer has been placed on leave following the incident but not before something (else) made the department’s actions look questionable. Before relaying the officers’ actions as “not in accordance with our standard operating procedure,” the department issued a statement that concluded that the passenger “fell.” NBC News’ Bradd Jaffy relayed that news on Twitter.

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