Samantha Bee Gets To Know American Muslims And The ‘Human Man Boob’ Who Hates Them

06.28.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

If you’ve been attuned to any of the media coverage surrounding the Orlando nightclub shooting, you’ll notice a lot of politicians and pundits blaming Muslims collectively for not speaking up about the bad apples in their community. As an example, Aziz Ansari already wrote about Donald Trump blaming the entire American Muslim community for not exposing terrorists in their midst. Now Samantha Bee is tackling this topic on her late-night show, Full Frontal, citing statements not only from Trump, but from other politicians like Scott Brown.

But Bee didn’t just speculate about what Muslims could do to fight terrorism, she went to Dearborn, Michigan, which has the largest Muslim population in the United States, to ask them directly. Reporting!

Bee first spoke to the head of the largest mosque in America, who tells Bee that “our community in Dearborn has actually set the standard for a relationship with the police department.” Like any hard-nosed journalist, Bee doesn’t let him off the hook, grilling him on why he and his fellow Muslims aren’t turning in a suspected terrorist every day, and other completely reasonable questions. Despite the fact that Muslim Americans are the second-best source of terrorism tips in the United States, Bee then does a ride-along with Mike Jaafar, the deputy police chief of Dearborn. Unfortunately, the crimes that Jaafar and his force usually end up stopping involve someone getting drunk at a football game.

The best part is when Bee interviews the “human man boob” who traveled from LA to wave a pig head at one of Dearborn’s festivals. He says that a pig head to Muslims is like a crucifix to a vampire. Okay. Then he repeats a story about a general who dipped bullets in pigs blood to fight Muslims, a harebrained story that our Republican nominee told earlier this year.

But maybe Bee herself is part of the problem. When the mosque leader says that Muslims love America, she keeps falling asleep, and then ends with, “We may never know.”

(via Full Frontal with Samantha Bee)

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