Samantha Bee Has Some Big Plans For Expanding ‘Full Frontal’ In The Near Future

samantha bee full frontal correspondents
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Since the February premiere of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS, all the good things (and more) have happened to the former Daily Show correspondent. The comedian’s late-night program, which she runs with husband and fellow comic Jason Jones, has produced some of the current election cycle’s best bits — everything from visiting Syrian refugee camps to talking politics with young Trump supporters. As a result, TBS increased Full Frontal‘s first-season order from 13 to 39 episodes, which encouraged Bee and executive producer Jo Miller to talk about more possible additions during a Tuesday night press event at the Tribeca Film Festival.

According to Variety, of the chief things Bee and Miller want to do is hire a few correspondents for Full Frontal a la the show’s blueprint Comedy Central program. When asked about this, Bee told the audience they “are trying to map that out for ourselves” to “see how that will serve the show.” Both Bee and Miller were open to the idea, especially if it meant giving a platform to a new set of diverse, comedic voices.

The pair discussed many other bits of the show, including the opening theme (“Boys Want To Be Her” by Peaches) and Bee’s distaste for wearing dresses and high heels. However, one of their more pertinent topics was Full Frontal‘s love for field pieces. “Doing field pieces is extremely important to me,” Bee told the crowd, adding that she enjoys the format and the work it requires. She and Miller also stressed that, appearances to the contrary, they always try to inform their subjects about Full Frontal and what the segment will be. They also make every attempt to ensure that the interviewees’ points of view are accurately depicted in the final product.

With TBS’s extended season order, the additional 26 episodes will take Full Frontal into and beyond this summer’s Republican and Democratic party conventions and the November elections. Bee and Miller said they had every intention of bringing the series to as many of these major stops as possible.

(Via Variety)