Clinton Responds To ‘Unhinged’ Trump’s Latest Attack On Alicia Machado With A Rant Of Her Own

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09.30.16 9 Comments

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Under normal circumstances, a U.S. presidential race comes down to two candidates debating the issues and zeroing in on major policy points. For many reasons, that’s not happening in the war between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And although some voters do have valid concerns about her trustworthiness on matters like the email scandal, he continues to show that not only does he lack experience, but he can’t control his anger.

Trump’s particular brand of temperament couldn’t have been more evident than from his early morning rage-tweeting session over a nonexistent Alicia Machado sex tape. This gave Trump an excuse to use his favorite word, “disgusting,” and criticism has commenced on morning talk shows, which will likely continue throughout the weekend. Hillary Clinton is currently taking charge of online discourse over Trump’s latest attack on a former Miss Universe, who he bullied for gaining weight during her tenure.

Clinton fired off a rant of her own about Trump. She’s describing him as particularly “unhinged” for his latest display of unfit temperament.

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