Jennifer Lawrence Calls Harvey Weinstein A ‘Horrible Ass Boil That Will Not Go Away’ In This Boozy ‘Colbert’ Interview

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02.27.18 2 Comments

Jennifer Lawrence‘s appearance on The Late Show Monday night might go down as one of her most memorable. Not only did Colbert bust out the booze and basically get Lawrence drunk throughout the interview, he also got the details about her year away from working on set, her feelings about Donald Trump, her annoyance with Harvey Weinstein trying to use her as a defense, and the experience of hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live with a very unhelpful Kim Kardashian.

It was something from start to finish and likely had plenty cut out judging from the editing job applied throughout.

You knew it was going to be something special when Patton Oswalt teased it on Twitter. He actually tried to emulate this chat a bit during his interview, forcing Colbert to bring the booze back out and allowing Oswalt a moment to slip out of his shoes. It’s a fine follow-up to Lawrence’s appearance, but she really holds onto the spotlight.

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