Jimmy Kimmel Tries ‘Mansplaining’ To Hillary Clinton’s Face

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03.25.16 4 Comments

When it comes to the 2016 presidential campaign, the two parties have experienced some diverging paths while covering some of the same territory. For the Republicans, Donald Trump has faced a lot of criticism for his comments toward women. On the other side, it’s been Hillary Clinton taking a lot of flack for apparently being a woman — and Benghazi, obviously.

The real controversy that has popped up for the Democrats seems to be the treatment of Clinton in the media and the complaints that many of the criticisms against her are sexist. There was even the moment during a recent Democratic debate where Bernie Sanders was accused of “mansplaining” to Clinton. Jimmy Kimmel took this to the next step and decided to give Clinton some pointers via the act of “mansplaining.”

Kimmel tells Clinton not to sound so shrill, he tells her to smile, and then he tells her not to smile so much. All things that folks have suggested to Clinton during the campaign — except the last one, that’s a Kimmel original. He had to enjoy calling Clinton a sourpuss, though.

Clinton calls out the criticism for being contradictory, finally hitting on the real issue for many folks: Clinton is not a man. At least I’m sure that’s what Clinton would hope people would focus on.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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