‘The Daily Show’ Gets Hot And Bothered By The Sexism Surrounding The Democratic Candidates

Bernie Sanders supporters are a passionate bunch. They believe in the revolutionary message that Bernie is spreading, and will try their best to carry that torch far and wide. Unfortunately, there have reports of a certain sect of Sanders enthusiasts that have attacked Hillary Clinton and her supporters with sexist vitriol. It has supposedly gotten so bad, despite this author’s chilling insistence at reading just about every political comment section he can get his hands on, that it’s supposedly affected Bernie’s campaign. Sanders acknowledged these so-called supporters with a stern and grandfatherly, “we don’t want that crap.” Of course, this mirrors 2008’s “Obama Boys” that supposedly came out in droves against Hillary. It’s a sexist phenomenon, or is it?

It turns out that the backlash has now garnered a backlash to their backlash, or perhaps even creating a backlash within a backlash pitting women upset at other women about supporting Hillary just because she’s a woman. This is commonly referred to as backlashception, and Bernie Bros are taking a slight back seat as the women take control of the political wheel. It’s a confusing and multi-layered argument about sexism, ageism, classism and how far we have progressed as a country since the suffrage movement.

It needs a Daily Show breakdown, wouldn’t you agree?

(Via The Daily Show)