Bill Maher Slams Trump Over His Tweets About Mika Brzezinski: ‘You Can Never Be Too Rich To Be White Trash’

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07.01.17 8 Comments

Bill Maher kicked off his show this week by running right past the important news to dive into the feud between Morning Joe and President Trump. The tweets by Trump on Thursday aimed at the show and co-host Mika Brzezinski had plenty of critics and supporters fuming, while a select few decided they still wanted to defend the president. For Maher, it represented a clear fact about the president for him: “You can never be too rich to be white trash.”

None of it is new for the president at this point. He’s had social media spats with countless celebrities and critics over the years, something that isn’t going to change overnight once he’s in the White House. It’s hard to wash away when it seems to be in your DNA. The next logical step will be Trump taking the feud off of Twitter and including it in his next press conference, calling the Morning Joe crew “fake news” and stuffing another news cycle with nonsense once again.

For Maher, you have to feel that he’s just happy that things are back to normal for his show this week.

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