Marco Rubio Slam Dunks The Puerto Rico Primary As Donald Trump Asks Him To Leave The Race

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03.06.16 4 Comments
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For a Sunday in the middle of peak primary season, this has been a relatively calm day despite Ted Cruz besting Donald Trump in two more states on Super Saturday. As for Marco Rubio, he won no new states, and Twitter wasn’t kind to him with the “You’ll always have Minnesota” brand of remarks. Folks wondered if Rubio could hold on for another ten days until the Florida primary, which will be his own personal judgment day. Not only is the state a winner-takes-all affair, but it’s Rubio’s home state. If he can’t hang in Florida, there’s really no hope. Perhaps he’ll reel up and try again in eight years, which is a tactic that’s working well for Hillary Clinton.

However, the ballad of “Little Marco” has not yet come to a conclusive end. He’s managed to score big in the Puerto Rico primary. Not only did he capture a rare win, but CNN projects Rubio will pass the 50% threshold, which will send all 23 of the delegates his way. Rubio’s staffers (including Senior Advisor Alex Burgos) are celebrating with a special theme tonight.

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