Twitter Hijacks ‘My Endorsement For President’ With Hilarious (And Better) Results

News & Culture Writer
02.25.16 2 Comments

With “Super Tuesday” just around the corner, the still-surviving presidential candidates are working tirelessly to make their biggest and best push yet for votes and delegate counts. Sure, Republican front-runner Donald Trump is probably already thinking about who his running mate will be, but that doesn’t mean his nomination is a done deal — especially with CNN’s GOP Debate on Thursday on the horizon. Hence why endorsements are still flying, like the one Red State managing editor Leon Wolf just dropped for junior Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Maybe it was the lateness of the endorsement, or maybe it was the fact that Wolf had the cojones to broadly title it, “My Endorsement for President.” Whatever caused Wolf’s article to go viral, however, doesn’t really matter, as the phrase “My Endorsement for President” became a Twitter trend soon after publication. And all things being equal, the social media platform’s best (and worst) trolls adopted it as their own.

This is contemporary American politics we’re talking about, so of course, so the initial reactions to Wolf’s article were either monumentally positive or egregiously terrible.

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