The Many Signs That Mike Judge’s ‘Idiocracy’ Is Upon Us

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09.01.16 78 Comments

Idiocracy is upon us, protect your balls. It’s more than the parallels between President Camacho and, oh, say, Donald Trump, though. Gaze into the heart of a humongous meat and bread pile with a clever name and extra pump cheese and tell me that we are not in the dark times. And tell it to me in emojis, so that we all might understand it when I post it on my face wall timeline thing.

Yes, it’s long past time that we anoint Mike Judge and Etan Cohen as prophets and accept that these seven examples are proof of the fact that Idiocracy is becoming (has become?) real.

And the moronic shall inherit the Earth

According to Idiocracy, the cause of our oncoming societal slip toward idiocy is that dumb people have more children than smart people. While that may feel like a generalization, there is research to back up that way of thinking.

A provocative new study suggests human intelligence is on the decline. In fact, it indicates that Westerners have lost 14 I.Q. points on average since the Victorian Era.

What exactly explains this decline? Study co-author Dr. Jan te Nijenhuis, professor of work and organizational psychology at the University of Amsterdam, points to the fact that women of high intelligence tend to have fewer children than do women of lower intelligence.

Team Clevon is winning and there is nothing that we can do about it.

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