The Obama Administration Orders Public Schools To Let Trans Students Use Their Bathroom Of Choice

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05.13.16 59 Comments


A wave of anti-LGBT bathroom bills is still sweeping the country with organized fervor, and much of the controversy has gone down in North Carolina. Gov. Pat McCrory sued the pants off the federal government after the feds laid down a compliance deadline and a declaration that the state’s “bathroom bill,” HB2, violates portions of the Civil Rights Act. The state was promptly greeted with a dueling lawsuit from the feds and strong words from Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch. Neither side will budge.

Several other states have similar bills with school restrooms becoming a key area of concern. Folks who fret over people using their preferred restroom appear to be very disturbed at the thought of trans students needing to pee. A court recently stepped in to declare a Virginia school’s transgender bathroom guidelines as discriminatory, and the battle still rages. Meanwhile, such stereotypes persist without much thought about the transgender students and their rights.

Well, the Obama administration has had enough of these bathroom bans, and they’re putting an end to the bills’ possible effects in public schools. Friday will see the release of “a sweeping directive” that will require public schools to allow trans students to use the bathroom of their choice:

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