Seth Meyers On Harvey Weinstein: ‘You Should Be Able To Be Alone With A Woman And Not Sexually Assault Her’

Entertainment Writer

After explaining why his show had been tardy to cover the scandal involving Harvey Weinstein, it was a certainty that Seth Meyers himself would delivering the most scathing condemnation of the Hollywood mogul and make sure it reminded us that Donald Trump faces similar allegations. The female writers for Late Night commented on Weinstein’s apology earlier in the week, but Thursday was saved fro “A Closer Look” into the scandal, Donald Trump’s treatment of Puerto Rico, and his response to his own sexual allegations compared to Weinstein.

Honesty and common sense were Meyers’ best tools here as he waded through Trump’s past and the stories about Weinstein, and how they’re both products of what he calls “systemic misogyny.” Hearing how Trump and Weinstein both responded to their sexual allegations might be the most damning portion of the segment, with both wasting little time to deflect the accusations and criticize the accusers.

Meyers also takes exception to the political response to the scandal, making it clear that Hillary Clinton and other women shouldn’t be accountable for the “predatory behavior of men.” He adds that there are predators in every political party and it isn’t a partisan issue, but not before bashing Kellyanne Conway for trying to use it as a talking point while working for an alleged abuser herself.

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