‘The Simpsons’ Brutalizes Donald Trump While Painting A Grim Picture For Election 2016

07.31.16 3 years ago 9 Comments

The Simpsons isn’t wasting much time in keeping that promise to mock Donald Trump in their upcoming season. A brand new clip uses both candidates in a fake ad for the upcoming election, placing each option against each other in their respective presidential bedrooms. The premise is simple: if the phone is ringing in the White House at 3am, who do you want answering the call?

Hillary Clinton is in bed, fully clothed, making sure Bill Clinton knows his current role. Definitely a light jab compared to where they go with Trump. Not only does he ignore the call to tweet about Elizabeth Warren — who is now exiled — he also has a dog for a wig, a copy of Hitler speeches next to him in bed (a true fact apparently), and special gloves to make his hands look bigger. It’s like an animated kick in the jaw.

There’s even a picture on the wall that calls back to the several hunting photos floating around online featuring Trump’s sons taking down exotic and rare animals.

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