The Uber Board Member Who Dropped A Sexist Joke In A Staff Meeting Resigned Within A Matter Of Hours

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06.14.17 8 Comments


At this point, Uber knows that its tarnished image can’t take any more sexist shenanigans. Oddly enough, the transportation provider is still acting dreadfully with “surge pricing” during horrific events like the London terror attacks, but as far as the company’s internal investigation — into sexual harassment allegations and a toxic workplace culture — goes, they’re taking an apparent stance of no tolerance. So, when a board member’s sexist joke during a staff meeting leaked onto the Internet, it was only a matter of hours before he resigned in disgrace.

Fast, right? And still, it’s difficult to believe that 20 fired employees and an indefinite leave of absence for CEO Travis Kalanick didn’t motivate board member David Bonderman to keep a lid on his apparent bro-tendencies during a Tuesday all-hands meeting. He willingly careened off that cliff. Well, a few hours later, his resignation statement has duly arrived:

“Today at Uber’s all-hands meeting, I directed a comment to my colleague and friend Arianna Huffington that was careless, inappropriate, and inexcusable. The comment came across in a way that was the opposite of what I intended, but I understand the destructive effect it had, and I take full responsibility for that. Having worked with the company for the last few months on the Holder report, I recognize the importance of implementing the requirements of the report.

Bonderman’s speaking, of course, of the report that’s being complied by former Attorney General Eric Holder as a summary of the internal probe. The now-former board member also stresses that Uber is taking the report very seriously in terms of reforming its corporate culture, and Bonderman sees his behavior as counterproductive to all recommendations made by Holder.

So, Holder’s presence has led to almost instant results in the face of what looked like another giant facepalm for the company. Did Uber push Bonderman out, or did he leave of his own volition? Perhaps more leaks shall arrive, if another Uber-related scandal doesn’t pop first. Could happen!

(Via Recode)

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