The Feds Are Investigating An Alleged Capitol Hill Bootlegging Operation Involving ‘The West Wing’ DVDs

12.21.16 2 years ago


Despite winning the presidency, Donald Trump hasn’t entirely let go of his repeated calls to prosecute Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for her alleged misuse of a private email server. Whether or not the currently transitioning Tweeter-in-Chief will address Washington, D.C.’s latest technological scandal, however, remains to be seen. For if the president-elect truly wants to “drain the swamp” as promised, then he’ll need to figure out who’s at the bottom of a supposed DVD bootlegging operation involving burned copies of The West Wing, mislabeled shipments from Hong Kong, and federal immigration officials.

NBC Washington investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane previewed his scoop on Twitter Wednesday morning, saying the authorities were “investigating [a] big Capitol Hill based bootlegging operation trading burned copies of The West Wing.”

The news, which MacFarlane stressed was not a joke, also named the popular HBO series The Sopranos and the surprisingly-still-on-the-air The Big Bang Theory as two other titles mentioned in the investigation. Additional details suggested the suspected Capitol Hill-based bootlegger was selling pirated West Wing seasons online.

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