Another ‘Bomb Cyclone’ May Soon Batter The Northeast With Heavy Flooding, Wind, And Snow

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In early January, the dramatized “bomb cyclone” term dominated weather coverage. Although the storm wasn’t quite the “winter hurricane” that it was billed to be, Winter Storm Grayson still dropped over a foot of snow in several parts of the Northeastern Seaboard with blizzard conditions causing rampant power outages and crippling one of NYC’s airports. Historically high tides sent dumpsters floating down streets in Boston, and similar trouble may be on the way on Friday and throughout the weekend.

The Weather Channel is reporting that impending Winter Storm Riley could pack a devastating punch. As such, flood advisories have been issued along the Atlantic coast, stretching all the way from Portland, Maine to Virginia Beach. Boston (along with Long Island) is expected to be particularly hard hit — even if the system fails to intensify while undergoing bombogenesis, and projected Boston Harbor peak tide levels may rise above levels seen in January.

CNN points toward one exacerbating factor that’s causing alarm — a full moon means that Boston Harbor’s tide is already at its monthly high point, and the storm’s surge could cause up to 3 feet of flooding along the coast with waves as high as 8 feet. The National Weather Service in Boston is sounding the alarm on Twitter as the sandbagging commences.

CBS Boston Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher tweeted this graphic to illustrate dire tide level predictions for areas near the harbor.

Here’s CNN’s current projection graphic of the upcoming late-winter storm. Spring can’t come soon enough…

(Via Weather Channel, CBS Boston, National Weather Service & CNN)

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