These Photos From The Bomb Cyclone Will Chill You To The Bone

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01.04.18 5 Comments

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Winter Storm Grayson has moved up the east coast, gone through a “bomb genesis” and is now a “bomb cyclone.” To put that is Simpsons terms, it’s a classic nor’easter meeting a classic so’wester. The sea captain’s all hunkered down.

Or we could just say it’s cold. And snowy.

The storm has already started howling through the concrete and steel canyons of Manhattan, frozen the sea along the Cape Cod coast and dumped snow as far south as Florida (yes, that Florida in the sub-tropics). A state of emergency has been declared in New York as the winds increase and the snow continues to pile up.

All the dark and dreary news aside, locals from Maine to Florida are keeping things light and having a little fun with the winter wonderland that’s being dumped on their domes. We went ahead a compiled some of our favorite shots to keep your spirits up in you’re trapped in the storm or just to remind the rest of us why we don’t live on the East Coast.

Left Coast, Best Coast, yo! Just let us just check fire, tsunami, volcano, and earthquake insurances real quick.

Okay, let’s dive in.


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Boston and the surrounding New England area is likely to get hit hard by this storm. So far the New Englanders and Bostonians are taking things in stride as power outages start rolling across the region.

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