All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

Pop music can do more than just make people dance: it can also offer emotions and connect audiences. At times, this intro does get a little difficult always having something new to say. However, there seemed to be a clear theme that ran through a few of the songs this week: Family.

Whether it’s something written by your blood relatives, friends that feel just like it, for a certain franchise with that exact catchphrase, or a song about the next generation, the tracks seemed perfectly timed to one another.

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Jonas Brothers — “Little Bird”

The Jonas Brothers returned with their new album, The Album. (Yes, that is the name of it.) After a few early singles like “Wings” and “Waffle House,” the record’s tone shifts from positive pop jams to something acoustic and heartfelt on “Little Bird,” dedicated to watching their kids grow up.

Shakira — “Acróstico”

Just in time for Mother’s Day and keeping with the theme, Shakira’s “Acróstico” is a gentle piano track filled with lovely lyrics, which has been rumored to be about her children. Fans had discovered that the first lyric letters spelled her kids’ names.

BTS — “The Planet”

BTS might be on hiatus as a band, while the members are starting their mandatory military service. However, that hasn’t stopped them from still having some fun surprises in store. Their new song, “The Planet,” appears as the theme song for the South Korean animated series, Bastions. It also keeps with the encouraging superhero themes of the show, which is about trying to stop a villain from continuing to destroy the environment.

Janelle Monáe — “Lipstick Lover”

Janelle Monáe has made lots of headlines this week with the release of “Lipstick Lover,” from her newly-announced next album, The Age Of Pleasure. Considering the video is age-restricted on YouTube, the rest can be left to the imagination of those reading.

aespa — “Spicy”

aespa’s “Spicy” is featured on their recent mini album, MY WOLRD, and shows off the group’s fiery side. “Tell me what you see, when you look at me / ‘Cause I am a ten out of ten, honestly / A different energy, this move, overpowering groove / But you keep wasting your time, dude,” they sing together in the second verse, according to Genius’ English translation.

Twice — “Hare Hare”

“Give it up, dancing through the night,” the Twice girls sing on their latest, “Hare Hare.” It is fully intended to get listeners up and onto the dancefloor and does exactly that. From the time the intro starts, the bubblegum pop instrumental propels the breezy song.

Dolly Parton — “World On Fire”

Dolly Parton is prepared to set the “World On Fire,” as she shared the first single from her electric next album, Rockstar. It finds Parton shifting her country roots for something heavier to honor her induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last year.

Charlotte Cardin — “Looping”

Charlotte Cardin’s “Looping” takes on a few different interpretations, with the primary one centering around emotional lyricism when it comes to repetitive thoughts. It also samples Barbra Streisand’s “The Way We Were.”

J Balvin — “Toretto”

For those who probably couldn’t already tell from the title, J Balvin’s “Toretto” appears on the soundtrack for the upcoming Fast X movie — as Vin Diesel plays the main character of Dom Toretto. The high-speed song feels fitting for the franchise and the Colombian performer’s summer tour in Europe.

Hailey Knox — “Charismatic”

By the time the beat dropped on Hailey Knox’s “Charismatic,” it will have you hooked. Radiating both chill and self-proclaimed “bad b*tch” vibes, every part of this one seems to work perfectly — from the production to her vocals.

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