All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

As we collectively return to reality after the chaotic week of the Grammys, the pop world still continues to flourish with release after release. Camila Cabello’s long-awaited Familia is out, and it features an unhinged, compelling song with Willow called “Psychofreak” with an even more provocative music video; meanwhile Maggie Rogers, after announcing her highly anticipated sophomore album Surrender in March, unveiled the lead single “That’s Where I Am.”

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop releases. Listen up.

Charlie Puth — “That’s Hilarious”

After releasing the upbeat “Light Switch,” Charlie Puth is back with this much more downtrodden song, “That’s Hilarious,” which expresses that he’s tired of playing games. He, at the very least, recognizes that this is a lesson learned: “Don’t give your heart to a girl who still got a broken one,” he sings. The video remains lighthearted, though; it’s a compilation of phone videos that feel like an intimate glimpse into his life.

Vance Joy — “Clarity”

Australian singer Vance Joy is having an epiphany on his new anthem “Clarity.” The song is buoyed by excited instrumentation and his beaming vocals, conveying appreciation for someone who means a lot to him. However, this realization comes too late: “The prеcious moments that we shared / You slowed time down inside my head / I wish I’d found this clarity / While I still had you close to me.” Yet this doesn’t make the song sad; it’s still full of hope and gratitude.

Lauv — “All For Nothing”

The “I Like Me Better” singer Lauv has a knack for songs that just won’t leave your head. “All For Nothing” is sure to be another hit with its warm, infectious hook: “I’m so in love, I’m so in love / I don’t ever wanna stop this ride that we’re on.” The synths are glimmering and the rhythm is exuberant; the song itself encapsulates the passion and exhilaration of being in love.

Noah Cyrus — “I Burned LA Down”

Noah Cyrus is trying to move on from heartbreak on this powerful, country-tinged ballad. She reckons with the mistakes she made in thinking the relationship would’ve worked in the first place: “You can’t make a god / of somebody who’s not / even half of a half-decent man.” Her vulnerability on this song, though, is proof of her strength and her progress toward becoming independent again.

Camila Cabello, Willow — “Psychofreak”

If you haven’t heard about this new track yet, you may be living under a rock. The salacious anthem, which has already been taken to SNL, watches Camila Cabello and Willow not holding back at all, and the kinky music video takes their fierceness up on a notch. The pair’s voices also blend well together; it’s an unexpected yet beautiful collaboration.

Omar Apollo — “Petrified”

The honesty and hurt are palpable in Omar Apollo’s new acoustic song “Petrified.” When he lulls, “Thinking of you more each day / I’m thinking ’bout all the words you say to me,” the conflict is obvious in his voice. The ballad seems like a way to grapple with this situation, and in the bridge, he reaches something that resembles a solution: “Lately I’ve been able to see more clear,” he sings.

Maggie Rogers — “That’s Where I Am”

Maggie Rogers’ new single “That’s Where I Am” kicks off with a relatable start: “I found a reason to wake up / Coffee in my cup,” she sings. From there, the lyrics recount a friendship that had the potential to be something more but was never able to reach it. But the sound is high-spirited and her vocals are confident, so it’s no surprise when she comes to a satisfying conclusion in the chorus: “It all works out in the end / Wherever you go / That’s where I am.”

Gracie Abrams — “Block Me Out”

22-year-old Gracie Abrams has unforgettable vocals; they’re soft and bursting with emotion in a similar way to Lorde’s or Phoebe Bridgers’. Along with those iconic singers, Abrams’ lyrics are also a masterful mix of poignant and clever: “And I thought of leavin’ tonight, but I couldn’t drive this tired / Plus, after all this time, I should be a pretty crier,” she sings on this beautiful new song “Block Me Out.”

Alicia Keys — “City Of Gods (Part II)”

If Alicia Keys is known for one thing, it’s her mesmerizing voice, especially in piano-driven songs. So she decided to revisit “City Of Gods,” which features both Kanye West and Fivio Foreign, and conquer the track on her own. This stripped-down version is gorgeous in its tenderness.

Chlöe — “Treat Me”

Chlöe knows her worth on “Treat Me.” Off the bat, she’s upfront about her demands: “‘Cause you’re dealing with a lotta competition / You’re gonna have to do a lotta ass-kissing.” The song is only two and a half minutes, but every second is confident and fierce. She has no time to waste, after all.

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