Fivio Foreign, Kanye West, And Alicia Keys Stand Tall And Plead For Grace In Their ‘City Of Gods’ Video

Since earning his spotlight moment back in 2019 thanks to his breakout hit “Big Drip,” Fivio Foreign has stayed relevant in the drill rap scene thanks to strong singles and guest features. However, one thing the rapper has not yet done is release an album. At long last, Fivio will do so when he drops B.I.B.L.E. next month and it’s a project that’s set to be executive produced by Kanye West. Ahead of the album’s arrival, Fivio, Kanye, and Alicia Keys join forces in the video for their recent collaboration, “City Of Gods.”

The visual is shot in black and white and it finds Fivio and Kanye feeding off each other’s energy and they dance enthusiastically beside each other. Elsewhere, Alicia Keys stands in the spotlight to deliver her attention-grabbing hook. The trio’s track marks Kanye and Fivio’s second song together after they united for “Off The Grid” from Kanye’s 2021 album Donda.

Fivio’s video comes after he pushed back against claims that drill rap is responsible for the spike in murders and shootings in New York City. “This the drill community, and I know like, the police and everybody be looking at n****s like n****s is starting trouble, but n****s ain’t really starting trouble,” he told TMZ. “They tryna feed they kids.”

You can watch the video for “City Of Gods” above.