Cardi B Said She’s ‘Very Impressed’ By Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ Short Film

The roll out for Taylor Swift’s new version of Red has been nothing short of extravagant. Along with several new songs, including a duet with Phoebe Bridgers on “Nothing New,” Taylor pulled out all the stops for a new ten-minute version of her most beloved track ever, “All Too Well,” and also debuted a short film to accompany the new version. Well, game recognize game, and Cardi B herself had to weigh in on the cultural moment, like she does with all the best pop culture hits of late.

Quote tweeting a fan who was praising the new version of the song, writing “I can’t believe how good Taylor’s version of ALL TOO WELL is. Ten minutes of just…[emojis]” Cardi added her own two cents: “Yes I just watched it today ….very impressed, loved it a lot.” Cardi is just the most recent of plenty of other celebrities and peers who have been blown away by the additional videos and SNL performances and songs and late night TV appearances that Taylor has packed in to make the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) feel like just as much of an event as her new albums do. This is not a woman to cross, clearly. Enjoy the short film for “All Too Well” up top if you haven’t seen it yet.