Nandi Bushell Joined Bring Me The Horizon In Turning Ed Sheeran’s ‘Bad Habits’ Into A Screamo Jam

Nandi Bushell just might be one of the best drummers alive. Sure, this could definitely be an exaggeration, but given how young she is, and the number of rock stars she’s already collaborated with — Foo Fighters, Tom Morello and Arctic Monkeys to name a few — this assertion doesn’t feel too far-fetched. I mean, she even beat Dave Grohl in the faceoff that initially put the then ten-year-old Bushell on the map.

Speaking of maps, Bushell is a British girl herself, which means she’s got a special affinity for one of the country’s biggest pop stars — none other than Ed Sheeran. Since the British rock band Bring Me The Horizon recently decided to turn Ed’s latest jittery EDM single, “Bad Habits,” into a rocked out scream smash at the BRIT Awards, Bushell got a lot more interested in the song. Apparently, Ed and BMTH are going to be doing more work together, as he’s keen to get a bit more into their deathcore/metalcore sound, and maybe they’re down to go a little pop?

Anyway, inspired by the BMTH version of things, Bushell recorded herself adding some drum fills to the scream version. “I am #LOVING the collaboration between @edsheeran and @bmthofficial!” she wrote on Twitter. “Ed is a local #hero in #ipswich where I live! When I heard one of my favourite bands #BMTH, was collaborating with my local hero, I had to give their tune a go! #BadHabits #EdSheeran @olobersyko end scream.” Her enthusiasm is matched only by her playing, check out a clip of the Nandi x BMTH x Ed version below.