‘Cougar Town’ – ‘Keeping Me Alive’: Truth or Penny Can?

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10.21.10 32 Comments

A quick review of last night’s “Cougar Town” coming up just as soon as I get pregnant trying on bikinis…

Last week, I wondered if “Cougar Town” was built for heavy emotional storylines, even though I thought Busy Philipps was really strong in the scene where Laurie cried. “Keeping Me Alive” was aiming for a better emotional target, I think, in that it took its characters – specifically, Bobby and Laurie, who are two of the funnest people on the show but always in danger of going full cartoon – seriously, but never pushed too hard with it.

Laurie finally gets choked up about Smith and gets the guys to join her in a muted “cul de sac crew” chant, but that’s all she needs: to open up a little. Bobby gets Jules to accept that he might on occasion be able to take care of himself, but when she tags him in with the redneck client, he almost immediate blows it, which felt more real (and funnier) than a feel-good ending where he gets a sale on his first real day.

And beyond the emotional material, “Keeping Me Alive” was sprinkled with the usual great running gags, whether within the episode (Ellie’s growing Penny Can skills) or from previous ones (Smith’s dad’s glee at the break-up, the revolving title card gag, this week “100% Cougar Free Cougar Town”). And Jules, Andy and Grayson pointing out all the holes in Ellie’s knowledge and chanting “One of us! One of us!” was pure concentrated awesomeness.

This week, “Cougar Down” does what “Cougar Town” do. Excellent.

What did everybody else think?


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