Firewall & Iceberg, Episode 292: Emmys, ‘Hannibal,’ ‘Orange Is the New Black’ & more


This week’s Firewall & Iceberg Podcast is both later and shorter than it should be, and it’s all my fault.

Well, it was always going to be on Wednesday, but Dan and I spent 30 minutes talking about the Emmy nominations – and answering your many excellent questions on the subject – before I realized that I had somehow failed to properly record my end of the conversation. We have occasionally re-recorded lost chunks of five or even ten minutes, but we knew there was no point to doing 30, given how lifeless it would be the second time around. So we compressed what we had already discussed, answered a few more questions that we hadn’t gotten to before I discovered my snafu, and then we pivoted into talk of “Hannibal” at mid-season, “Orange Is the New Black” at the end of the season, followed by our latest finale check-in, the not-quite series finale of “Magnum PI” called “Limbo.” (Up next: “Discos and Dragons,” the finale of “Freaks and Geeks,” which is on Netflix.)

The rundown:

Emmy nominations (00:01:00 00:20:20)

“Hannibal” at midseason (00:20:30 – 00:37:50)

“Orange is The New Black” Season 3 (00:37:55 – 00:54:20)

“Magnum PI” not-finale (00:54:25 – 01:08:50)

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