Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 262: Worst TV of 2014

Merry Christmas (and/or Happy New Year), boys and girls! It’s our final Firewall & Iceberg Podcast of 2014, and since we talked about some of the year’s best TV earlier in the month, we thought we would close out the year talking about some – but by no means all(*) – of the worst things we watched. No show-by-show time breakdown, but there also isn’t anything that would really qualify as a spoiler in the discussion, save for when we get to the final season of “HIMYM” near the end. See you in 2015, listeners!

(*) It only occurred to me after we finished recording that I should probably put in a rant about “House of Cards,” but I already covered that exhaustively back in the spring, and then wrote about it again here.

The rundown:

TV’s Worst of 2014 (00:01:25 – 01:14:15)
TV’s Worst of 2014 – “Homeland” finale (01:14:20 – 01:26:35)

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