‘Terra Nova’ – ‘Genesis’: Walk the dinosaur

I posted my review of FOX’s “Terra Nova” this morning. Now it’s your turn. Obviously, you folks haven’t seen the earlier, better version I have, but what did you make of what was on the screen? Did you find the Shannon family more compelling than I did? Are you ready to have the teenage son eaten by a T-Rex already? Were Stephen Lang and the special effects good enough to compensate for the rest? Do you buy the attempt to sidestep around the butterfly effect (and, possibly, the meteor heading their way in 20 million years)? 

Have at it.

Unless there’s significant improvement, I doubt I’ll be writing about this show regularly, but Ryan McGee is signed up to do weekly recaps at our Monkeys as Critics blog, and his first should be up even as we speak, for those who want a more detailed blow-by-blow account of the pilot.