‘The Finder’ – ‘An Orphan Walks Into a Bar’: Microwave man

Press tour demands kept me from writing a review of “The Finder,” which just aired its first regular episode – the characters were introduced in a “Bones” episode last spring (which Fienberg wrote about) – tonight on FOX. I gave my opinion of it on this week’s podcast. Short version is that I like Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan together, don’t necessarily like the two new female characters they added to replace Saffron Burrows, and wonder about the level of quirkiness/wackiness (though it was mostly in control here). Overall, I feel much the same way I do about “Bones”: it’s a light, well-executed procedural (very much like a USA drama), but not necessarily something I will feel compelled to watch again.

For those of you who watched it, what did you think? Did you think this episode was better or worse than the backdoor pilot? Do you prefer the newbies to Burrows, or vice versa? Is Walter too quirky or just quirky enough? And does casting an actor as tall as Stults opposite Duncan take too much away from Duncan, who is usually defined as much by his size as his sense of humor?

Have at it.