The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling 2/27/14: We Have Books About TV!

02.28.14 5 years ago 15 Comments
Hey cool dudes, are you ready to read a cool report about a kinda-cool-but-mostly-not-really wrestling show? I know I certainly just wrote one! But read this first:

Donate and support St. Louis Anarchy as they raise funds to help upgrade their ring. They’re the best dudes who put on some crazy good shows (like this weekend), and it sucks that minor things like these could hold them back.

– Like us on Facebook, send some tweets, tumbl some…Rs, and get this report out there. New readers are new friends, and like Gentaro Kisaragi, my dream is to become friends with everybody in this school.

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This week on Impact: Heels, deals, and zero Jennifer Beals! Switch on your youth, ‘cuz we’re going into Impact!

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