The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 11/13/13: Mason Ryan Is Great, Believe Us (Please)

Pre-show notes:

IMPORTANT THING TO READ: I was at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin all weekend so I’ve got “festival sickness,” which is a lot like regular sickness only part of it had to suffer through The Misfits. What I’m getting at is that I’m under the weather and downed about 3/4 of a bottle of cough syrup, so if the report gets wonky or hyper-emotional I apologize in advance.

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Worst: This Is The Week Where We’re Mean To Bayley

Last week’s episode featured an ominous segment where Summer Rae and Sasha Banks acted suspiciously nice to Bayley in an effort to (I guess) make Charlotte mad, and with the announcement of Charlotte and Bayley vs. Summer and Sasha in a tag match for this week, pretty much every sign in existence pointed to NXT’s most adorable character getting the … uh, raw end of the deal. Pun intended?

This was my list of acceptable ways for the match to end:

1. Bayley going “bad” but still being Bayley in a Sandy from Grease situation
2. Charlotte turning on Bayley because she’s a Flair, and the Flairs are all disreputable scumbags
3. Charlotte and Sasha having a “when doves cry” moment where they realize they’re the color-swapped versions of the same character
4. Bayley hugging everyone and everyone deciding to be friends

Anything other than that can go straight to Hell.