Bill Walton Brought His Signature Brand Of Psychedelic Commentary To A White Sox-Angels Game

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A couple of times a year, someone has the bright idea to invite Bill Walton into a broadcast booth and let him talk for several hours on end with little to no filter. The results are, invariably, an astonishing journey into the mind of a man who has dedicated decades of his life to following the Grateful Dead.

He usually gets to call an NBA game once or twice a year when the networks do their crossover broadcast with the NCAA, but this time around, Walton went into the booth with the White Sox broadcast crew for a late summer game against the Angels. He did not disappoint.

If you were wondering just what level of expertise Walton is working with when it comes to America’s favorite pastime, worry no further, because the lesson as always, kids, is to compensate for any lack of knowledge or experience with enthusiasm and volume. And that includes foul balls, pop flies, and even bunts.

And what would any Bill Walton game be without his signature color commentary, which often includes galaxy-brain descriptions of game-play.

Baseball games often tend to be long, but there’s never a dull moment with Walton in the booth, and he used up some air time on Friday night at one point to act out what he believes is the best way to avoid a tag (i.e. punching to the face) and advocate for a rule change that would fundamentally alter the way the game is played.

He used other moments to simply admire the use of graphics.

Once again, the main takeaway is that Bill Walton should call every live sporting event from now until the end of time.