Brandon Prust Brutally Speared Brad Marchand In The Groin

Towards the very end of Saturday night’s 4-0 Bruins victory over the Canucks in Vancouver, Bruins forward Brad Marchand took a pretty nasty spear to the groin from Canucks forward Brandon Prust. The incident happened away from the puck but didn’t exactly fly under the radar, as Marchand went down to the ice and referees immediately handed Prust a 10-minute misconduct that sent him to the showers a bit earlier than expected.

The bush league play will also likely result in some supplemental discipline for Prust from the Department of Player Safety. Spearing is generally frowned upon, especially when it occurs in such a, um, delicate area. And, yes, even when the victim is a guy like Marchand, who has been known to have his fair share of cheap/dirty plays throughout his career.