Watch The Colts Run The Worst Fake Punt Of All-Time Against The Patriots

Remember this moment folks, because it’s likely you will never see a play worse than this in an NFL game. The Indianapolis Colts have pulled out all the stops in their revenge game against the New England Patriots, an onside kick, a quarterback with a dislocated shoulder and this “fake punt” on their own side of the 50.

It’s unclear what the plan was here, but when the Colts motioned out of standard punt formation they ended up with nine players outside the numbers on the right side of the field, and a center and “quarterback” on the ball. Now, despite the two-on-four odds at the ball, the Colts inexplicably snapped the ball and the end result was exactly what everybody but the center knew it would be, a loss of a few yards on a crucial 4th and 3 play.

I’m not sure if Chuck Pagano is trying to get fired, if the team went rogue, if we saw the most blatant example of shaving points ever or what, but that was awful. Pagano was seen telling his team “why did you snap the ball,” in replays later but even if it was an attempt to draw the Pats offsides, it was the worst attempt at that ever.

To add insult to stupidity, the Colts were called for an illegal formation because according to the referee the “whole right side of the line was not on the line of scrimmage.”

The Patriots scored six plays later, creating what seems like an insurmountable 34-21 point lead.